a new language

This time I will write in a other language, the language many people know how to write and speak. English is something special for me, one how to express my feelings better sometimes. I write songs in English but blogs, I am not used to that. So it will take longer to write this one, maybe I need to have more experience. So why do I choose to write songs in a other language than my native language?


First things first, it is a beautiful language. Not as hard when we speak Dutch. During high school I chose a special class, Cambridge English. After 2 or 3 years of classes I had to do a exam. Their where 2 kinds, PET and FCE. FCE is a higher level, something like university. PET is lower, more basic knowledges you leave during the first year in high school in the Netherlands. Because I did not put enough attention to this class so I had to do the PET exam. It was so easy but I passed it and got my diploma. We had projects, rewrite a song, make a website about a country, a website about a hotel and many more. I liked the classes and I am happy I got something to put on my cv.

I also listen more to songs in English, I don’t know why because Dutch songs are getting better every day. Sometimes I have a day I only listen to Dutch songs, somedays only English. A lot a playlists are have only English songs. It is funny when I think about the songs I have listened and sang when I was young. Now I know lots of songs are kind of sexual, you did not know that because you did not understand it. When I say to people what kind of song I listened as a child they laugh. Most of it was hip-hop, rap. Dutch and English. I like it when people know these songs, maybe my taste wasn’t that strange?

download (23).jpg


English is the language I do write my songs. It is a way to express myself. I started writing songs I think 5 years ago I was more used to do it in English, now Dutch works good for me. When I turned 18 years old  I wrote my first, good quality song in Dutch and English. It was about standing on my own two feet, being independent. It was called Nieuwe wereld, translated in English it is a new world. These days I still write my songs in English, it is just something I am getting used to. I found out it is hard to make a Dutch lyrics on a English song, maybe because of the timing is different. I will post next week a new song online, one in English, about something I want to get rid of. You already want to know what the song is about, follow me by clicking on the button on the bottom of the blog. Then you will be one of the first to know!

I’m not used to writing this many lines in English so I’m sorry if the grammar is wrong! Hope you enjoyed this blog and see you next time!


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